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New Ševčík Variations

Bow like a Pro & Practice like a Champion

” Ševčík Variations – transformative for any string player “
Laurie Scott, University of Texas

Improve your bow control and your sound. Play with confidence and fluency, in all parts of the bow, on and off the string. Play in whatever style you want. Play expressively. Control your bow with ease. Demonstrate, explain & communicate clearly to your students about all aspects of bowing technique.

An incredibly valuable resource.

Daniel Panner. mannes School OF MUSIC & RUTGERS UNIVERSITY

Fintan Murphy’s approach can’t fail to work magic. A comprehensive survey of bow technique, all the way through from finding a good, flexible bow hold through perfecting sautillé and spiccato to improving tone production with advanced bowing techniques. Incisive, clear, and beautifully recorded, Murphy has a knack of pinpointing the exact train of thought or muscle instruction that will unlock the secret of a particular bow stroke. After five minutes with his section on sautillé bowings I felt a dramatic improvement in my control.

Catherine Nelson. The Strad

This collection gives a rare and brilliant glimpse into the sequential thought process of a very good teacher. A student of pedagogy will have a field day here tracing the careful development of bowing technique from an obvious master teacher.

Laurie Scott, University of Texas

The close-up filming is terrific with Murphy and the others clearly demonstrating fine details of how to improve intonation, develop and improve vibrato, and how to practice (always useful). Highly recommended.

Hollis Taylor. Stringendo
Variation 9
Variation 9 – Zigzag bowing
Variation 9 – Recovery stroke, Bach Allemande