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Variation 9

    This beautiful variation uses a siciliano rhythm and requires musical thought and planning. Make sure that the dotted rhythm is ‘dotted enough’ to give the melody a graceful lilt. Pay attention to Sevcik’s markings for bow division which take us through all parts of the… Read More »Variation 9

    The Players

      Dindin Jingyi Wang studied in Melbourne for 6 years with Fintan Murphy before moving in 2019 to the USA to study with Margaret Batjer at the Colburn School in Los Angeles, where she was a Kohl scholar. Dindin was a member of the Melbourne String Ensemble… Read More »The Players

      Twofold Media

        Twofold Media was founded by Simon Veitch and Frances Gall in 1996 to produce and publish violin teaching materials in multimedia format. They first published ‘Violin Magic’ by Robert Wakely of Melbourne on CDROM to present violin pedagogy in video with text, a new development… Read More »Twofold Media

        Fintan Murphy

          Born in Melbourne, Fintan completed further study in Cologne with Helfried Fister, Christoph Poppen and the Amadeus quartet. He completed his Masters degree with Robert Gerle in Washington, D.C. A member of the Melbourne Symphony for many years, Fintan now performs as a recitalist and… Read More »Fintan Murphy


            Practice this theme making clear the direction of your musical line and dynamic range. Work… — Login to View —

            Variation 1

              In this variation you need to work towards making a resonant sound in the lower… — Login to View —

              Variation 1 – Closeup

                Here we see how the hand and finger movement (supported by arm movement) allows the… — Login to View —

                Variation 2

                  Spiccato is an important bow stroke and can be learnt as soon as the détaché… — Login to View —

                  Variation 3

                    This variation requires you to play some notes on the string and some off the… — Login to View —

                    Variation 4

                      The ability to play repeated up or down bows at the heel of the bow… — Login to View —

                      Variation 5

                        Observe Ševčík’s careful bow division and articulation markings, especially the use of the whole bow… — Login to View —

                        Variation 6

                          The ability to switch between playing on the string to playing off the string is… — Login to View —

                          Variation 6 – Closeup

                            Notice how when playing spiccato: the bow stays close to the string. the down bow… — Login to View —

                            Variation 7

                              This variation uses a similar bow division pattern to No 5. To ensure good coordination… — Login to View —

                              Variation 8

                                Ševčík marks this variation’s tempo as 1/4 note = 132, to be played at the… — Login to View —

                                Variation 8 – Closeup

                                  When playing around the balance point or frog of the bow it is important that… — Login to View —