Theme – Var9


Practice this theme making clear the direction of your musical line and dynamic range. Work on smooth string crossing with the right arm and left… Read More »Theme

Variation 1

In this variation you need to work towards making a resonant sound in the lower part of the bow, and develop freedom of movement there.… Read More »Variation 1

Variation 2

Spiccato is an important bow stroke and can be learnt as soon as the détaché stroke is consistent. The spiccato stroke needs a flexible bow… Read More »Variation 2

Variation 3

This variation requires you to play some notes on the string and some off the string. Where Ševčík indicates a jeté stroke followed by a… Read More »Variation 3

Variation 4

The ability to play repeated up or down bows at the heel of the bow is tested throughout the Ševčík variations. Like Variation 3, the… Read More »Variation 4

Variation 5

Observe Ševčík’s careful bow division and articulation markings, especially the use of the whole bow and the comma indicating the lift of the bow off… Read More »Variation 5

Variation 6

The ability to switch between playing on the string to playing off the string is important in many styles. A good example is the opening… Read More »Variation 6

Variation 7

This variation uses a similar bow division pattern to No 5. To ensure good coordination and a clear sound make sure your left hand is… Read More »Variation 7

Variation 9

This beautiful variation uses a siciliano rhythm and requires musical thought and planning. Make sure that the dotted rhythm is ‘dotted enough’ to give the… Read More »Variation 9