Var10 – Var19

Variation 10

This variation is one of many that develop your control while playing mixed bowings. Here the mixed bowings are four notes spiccato and two notes… Read More »Variation 10

Variation 11

For variation 11 read Ševčík’s explanation of abbreviations markings, in particular about how the comma means to lift the bow. For the first 7 bars… Read More »Variation 11

Variation 12

Variation 12 is an excellent exercise for developing control of the bow in the air and increased awareness of bow division. In bars 8 and… Read More »Variation 12

Variation 14

Practice this variation at first with a slurred bowing on the string, to work on your bow division and smoothness of string crossings. Use a… Read More »Variation 14

Variation 15

This elegant variation needs musical thought and offers opportunities to take time and let the music breathe. For instance try taking some time with the… Read More »Variation 15

Variation 16

This variation uses sautillé with four bows per note, which allows time to make sure our finger fall and finger lift are precise and that… Read More »Variation 16