Var20 – Var29

Variation 20

Ševčík’s 40 variations make us work through a wide range of off-string bowings. Here in variation 20 he challenges our control of up-bow and down-bow… Read More »Variation 20

Variation 23

This variation has specific bow division markings which vary according to the colour or dynamic of the phrase. For instance bars 1-8 have a strong… Read More »Variation 23

Variation 23 – Closeup

Notice the changes in bow division to help express the dynamics and musical line. SEEBow division

Variation 24

This variation is an excellent challenge, testing rhythmic precision and clarity of articulation. The off-beat up-bow spiccato can start on or off the string (although… Read More »Variation 24

Variation 25

This variation requires a fluid control of ricochet (marked jeté by Ševčík) and up-bow spiccato. Ševčík indicates to lift the bow at the end of… Read More »Variation 25

Variation 29

As with all passages of mixed bowings that combine slurs and separate notes, for example in Mozart’s violin concertos, use a short bow on  the… Read More »Variation 29