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At or very near the bridge. Bowstrokes made here give a glassy sound.


Articulation within a slur without lifting the bow from the string.

Practice break

A pause between groups of notes. This is inserted to monitor the group of notes just played and/or program the next group


To rotate the hand and forearm towards the thumb side of the hand.


Portato articulation within the slur, in evenly measured beats or divisions of the beat.


A fast bowstroke where the hair stays in contact with the string while the stick bounces.


Siciliano rhythm – dotted 1/8 note, 1/16 note, 1/8 note rhythm in compound time


Continue in the same manner.


A slow to moderate speed bouncing stroke.

Square position

The ‘square position’ is formed where the bow touches the string at approximately the middle of the bow, so that the forearm, upper arm, violin and bow make four sides of a square.


To rotate the hand and forearm towards the little finger side of the hand.

Travel bowing

A group of notes where we aim to use unequal amounts of bow in order to travel through the bow.


A fluctuation of pitch, produced by a rocking motion of the left-hand fingers. It is used to add expressive qualities to the sound.