Variation 13 – Kreutzer No.13 at heel of bow

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To play Ševčík’s Variation 13 at the heel of the bow use just the hand and fingers as you do for the collé stroke.

Practise this action on open strings and then add in string crossing to extend the range of movement.

Start the stroke with the hand in a neutral position; that is if you curve your fingers and thumb you will play an up bow and if you straighten them you will play a down bow.

To play this stroke all your joints need to be flexible and the 4th finger needs to actively support the bow.

Extend your ease of playing at the frog by practising Kreutzer Study No.13 with the original slurs using mainly your hand and fingers. The combination of slurs and separate notes also helps us focus on differences in bow speed.

Make sure that the first finger does not grip the bow as gripping will inhibit bow action, especially on up bows. You can also challenge yourself to practice this exercise without the first finger on the bow.