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Twofold Media

    Twofold Media was founded by Simon Veitch and Frances Gall in 1996 to produce and publish violin teaching materials in multimedia format. They first published ‘Violin Magic’ by Robert Wakely of Melbourne on CDROM to present violin pedagogy in video with text, a new development at the time. This led to producing DVDROMs authored by Fintan Murphy, first publishing ‘Violin Alive’, based on the Technical Work syllabus of the Australian Music Examinations Board.

    From this came more violin pedagogy multimedia titles authored by Fintan Murphy, ‘Violin Bow Technique’ DVDROM, distributed worldwide by Alfred Publishing, and ‘Violin Left Hand’ DVDROM.

    Twofold Media is fortunate to work with string pedagogues of the highest calibre, and editor Frances Gall uses expertise from her many years of teaching and playing violin and viola to assist the authors to realise their vision. Simon Veitch’s expertise in video and sound recording and computer programming allows Twofold Media to bring this to life on the screen.

    Now ‘Violin Bow Technique’ and ‘Violin Left Hand’ are readily available by subscription online, and ‘Ševčík’s 40 Bowing Variations’, with every variation played by Dindin and Dandan Wang and teaching points by Fintan Murphy, is the latest title to go online.

    Frances Gall, Fintan Murphy & Simon Veitch