Variation 12 – Martelé whole bow

ID 5368

When playing martelé we look for a clear ‘click’ at the beginning of the note followed by the release of this ‘bite’, which results in a resonant sound.

The ability to play with a fast whole bow is important and it is also an excellent test of bowing health!
Just as the suspension in a car or bike needs to work well when travelling fast, the joints in the hand and the wrist joint need to be flexible enough to absorb any wobbles as we move quickly from the heel to the tip.

Whole-bow martelé is also a good test of your ability to keep a stable point of contact (keep your bow straight enough). Again the joints of the arm (shoulder ball-and-socket joint, elbow hinge and wrist) need to be flexible enough to move freely when required.

Straight-enough bow