Variation 15 – Standing spiccato on an open string

ID 5372

As with all bow strokes it is useful to practice this stroke on an open string, away from the issues of string crossing and coordination with the left hand.

This standing spiccato stroke requires a short bow stroke with the forearm, hand and fingers (or just with the hand and fingers) that is balanced by a passive upper arm movement.

As with all spiccato strokes, each up bow stroke is active and the bow makes a circular action in the air to return the bow to the same starting point each time.  The upper arm movement allows us to use a short bow stroke and helps keep the bow close to the string, which in turn gives us greater control. Practice the bow stroke with your elbow resting on a music stand so the upper arm cannot move and see whether this affects your control over the standing spiccato stroke.

Active elbow stroke