Variation 19

ID 5243

Ševčík in his attention to detail often marks clearly when the bow is to be lifted. For instance, he indicates that we lift the bow after the first two notes of each bar, but NOT after the two slurred notes. This means the last note of each bar is kept in the string in order to start the next bar from the string.

Play this variation using the side of the hair since flat hair may cause the bow to bounce when returning to the string. To begin, practice the two lifted bows followed by two notes slurred on open strings, making sure that you sustain the bow friction through the second note of the slur to make it ring clearly.

Pay attention to the grace notes from bar 9 onwards. Practice these bars to begin as four quavers without grace notes to help establish the rhythm. When you add the grace notes, make sure that they come before the beat so that the third quaver starts on the beat. Also practice with a practice break before the grace notes so that you have the 3rd finger calmly in place before the bow moves.

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