Variation 25

ID 5225

This variation requires a fluid control of ricochet (marked jeté by Ševčík) and up-bow spiccato.

Ševčík indicates to lift the bow at the end of the bar, so therefore start the two jeté notes from the air. Practice the ricochet stroke on open strings making sure that the second note is even and clear.

Ricochet is a wonderful test of joint health! The ball and socket shoulder joint needs to be free to allow the arm to ‘drop’ the bow with a smooth action and the elbow hinge, wrist and base-knuckle joints all need to released if the ricochet is going to be controlled and coordinated.

In bars 3 and 4 make sure that the bow does not hesitate or have to wait for the left hand after the string crossing. The left hand needs to be calmly in position (Finger before bow).

Finger before bow