Variation 35

ID 5315

The rests in this variation (bars 1, 5, 6 and similar places), offer you an excellent chance to practice planning ahead. Prepare the left hand and the bow so that you are ready to play as soon as the rest finishes.

Ideally on a string instrument everything needs to be calmly in place before you begin the stroke, much like an archer prepares to shoot an arrow. The left-hand fingers need to have prepared the pattern of the upcoming notes, the bow needs to be in contact with the string in the correct part of the bow with the appropriate amount of friction, and the body needs to be ready to use the best groups of muscles to activate the best part of the arm or hand to play the stroke.

To achieve this, practice each 2 note unit in bar 1 multiple times, with a practice break in between each time. Before you play the next unit, say out aloud what you need to prepare before playing.

Practice the extensions in bar 13 making sure that as you extend the 4th finger, the hand stays in 2nd position for the first half of the bar. Practice the finger patterns on one string and practice the notes backwards as well as forwards.

Planning practice
Practice complex patterns on one string