Variation 7

ID 5279

This variation uses a similar bow division pattern to No 5.

To ensure good coordination and a clear sound make sure your left hand is prepared. For instance in bars 9 and 15 check that the 3rd note is calmly in place before the bow plays its stroke!

Observe the dynamic markings which support the phrasing and be sure to vary your point of contact and bow speed to phrase off in bars 4, 8, 20 and 24.

While the articulation we use is important to the character and style of the piece, we ought not let the articulation get in the way of the musical shape. For instance the 2 and 3rd notes in bar 1 and the first two notes of bar 2 are indeed staccato however most importantly they need to be played as part of the melodic line.

Practice the intonation and finger preparation using double stops and open strings.

Finger before bow
Point of contact
Bow speed