Variation 9 – Zigzag bowing on open string (deleted)

ID 5364

Ševčík’s directions indicate that for most bars we move through the bow from the upper half to the lower half. The 1st note uses half a bow, the 2nd note uses about a quarter of a bow, and the 3rd note again a half. This means that in most bars the 1st note of the bar starts at the opposite end of the bow to the last note. 

This can be called zigzag bowing. 

It is good to practice this zigzag bowing in an exaggerated form on an open string, using a mirror or video to check your bow division. Make sure that your right elbow is free enough to allow a relatively quick movement through the bow and that the joints in bow hand and wrist are flexible so that we settle cleanly into the string when we land from the air.