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Variation 9 – Zigzag bowing

    ID 5396

    Ševčík’s directions indicate that for most bars we move through the bow from the upper half to the lower half during the three-note dotted rhythm. The 1st note uses approximately half a bow, the 2nd note uses about a quarter of a bow, and the 3rd note again a half. The overall amount of bow used depends on dynamics. There could be some travel in the air at the end of the third note to arrive at the heel when a whole bow is needed for the next down-bow note.


    This can be called zigzag (or recovery) bowing.

    It is good to practice this zigzag bowing in an exaggerated form on an open string, using a mirror or video to check your bow division. Make sure that your upper arm is free enough (think released biceps) to allow a relatively quick movement through the bow and that the joints in bow hand and wrist are flexible so that we settle cleanly into the string when we land from the air.

    Notice how the short down bow on the second note starts from the string with a beginning ‘click’ or ‘depart’ to give the note a clear sound.

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